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Those of you who read Heaven Knows may remember Julia Phillips Ruop who became seriously ill in the 1930’s and needed urgent thyroid surgery. In those far-off days, only a local anaesthetic was available for most operations, and during her surgery the doctors had to keep Julia talking and singing so they could locate her …

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The Indifference of Dying

One evening in 1987, my mother went to bed. She didn’t get up again for a year. Convinced she was dying, I became desperate to know if there was any truth to the existence of the afterlife. I also needed to know what it felt like to die. This took more courage than I thought …

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Let me count the ways

  Is it possible to find evidence for survival after death? Just let me count the ways! Note: I say ‘evidence’, not ‘proof’. As any lawyer will confirm, evidence does not necessarily mean proof … unless, of course, sufficient evidence is gathered to make a case difficult to dismiss. One area of compelling evidence is …

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