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Dear Heaven Knows friends … It’s been 20 months since I last posted, and a few of you have contacted me to ask why. I sincerely apologize. I began writing book 2 (about deathbed visions) last year, but halfway through it, life  somehow got in the way. I also took a few months off to …

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Those of you who read Heaven Knows may remember Julia Phillips Ruop who became seriously ill in the 1930’s and needed urgent thyroid surgery. In those far-off days, only a local anaesthetic was available for most operations, and during her surgery the doctors had to keep Julia talking and singing so they could locate her …

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The Dawning of the Age of IANDS

“I don’t believe it!” That was all cardiologist Dr. Michael Sabom could say in 1976 about the recently-published book, Life After Life when psychiatric social worker Sarah Kreutziger brought it to his attention. Dr. Sabom was an enigma. A scientist to the core of his being, he was also a regular church-goer who accepted the …

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